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Why is the binding double wire called YO coil?

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Why is the binding double wire called YO coil?
Latest company news about Why is the binding double wire called YO coil?

Why is the binding double wire called YO coil?


The YO coil assembly generally refers to the double coil assembly, also known as the YO coil assembly (from the English "Wire-O-Binding"), and the O-shaped coil assembly.


Double wires are two-strand steel coils with preset sizes and specifications. Common materials are divided into two types: plastic-sprayed steel coils and plastic coils.


Usually, a round hole or a square hole is punched on the left or above the printed matter. After the YO double loop is passed through, the YO loop binding machine is used to compress and fix the entire binding process.


When choosing a coil, you need to pay attention to its quality. Some coils will cause cracks when binding because the electroplated plastic layer on the surface is not strong enough.


If the coil is too thin, there will be problems such as weak binding.


After the coil is locked, no more pages can be added unless the coil is removed. The cost of double-loop wire binding is higher than that of single-coil binding. Of course, the binding effect is better and it is more durable.

Using double-loop wire picture albums, any page can be completely flattened when reading, which is very convenient for reading and querying.


Books with a thickness of less than 30mm, such as tool books, technical manuals, recipes (cookbooks), VIS manuals, and architectural atlases, are most suitable for this binding method.


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